Let the ipsy’s sneak peek craziness begin!


novsneakpeek1Sneak Peak #1

We knew this could happen! we were prone to get in our glam bag’s any of Michelle Phan’s “em cosmetics” products!

And here we are November’s glam bag, ipsy’s anniversary month and a few days away from getting a bag different from the others, with an extra product, full size and from Michelle Phan! what more can you add to the excitement?!

Let the ipsy’s sneak peek craziness begin!!

novsneakpeek2Sneak Peek # 2

After this morning’s sneak peek “glitch” (Ipsy actually posted this pic with another sneak peek picture link… so we kind of know what’s the next sneak peek), well we know what this are… we can read… lol

Bombshell lip crayon! I’m excited! I’ve never tried anything from Bombshell, well I haven’t tried a lot of cosmetic brands… lol

Can’t wait!


ipsy glam bag september 2013

“Classic Beauty”:


ipsy glam bag september 2013

ipsy glam bag september 2013