How autism looks like: Dancing


Every person is different and this is specially true to people with autism, but most of them enjoy music, making it, listening to it, dancing to it, etc.
This is specially true in my daughter’s case, she loves music… music calms her down, it relaxes her and makes it easier for her to learn.

There are two things that have been fundamental for her:  God and Music.

For those who are non believers it might be a shock, awkward and might even be angry.

But believing in God, having a positive view of what life is thru God, trusting in Him when things are difficult for her has helped her cope with the world.  Whenever she is stressed out (as often happens with autism) she prays, she remembers a bible verse and it helps her, she remembers than there is somebody bigger than her or anybody else, and that helps.  Her heart is filled by God and she rests… as we all should.

This video is the combination of both, God and music.  Christian music always has a positive connotation that is so important in anyone and specially in her life.

So here she is dancing to a Christian tune, that as always leaves her with bunches of joy 🙂

If I can say something to a parent, family member, care giver, friend or acquaintance of a person with autism is this:  Fill them with positive thoughts and the music of their liking.