“The limit does not exist”

016Like Lindsay Lohan’s character in Mean Girls I must have been distracted in the lesson about limits… and here is why…

I’m always so worried about what Sofi does in public, I’m always checking that she won’t start crying, speaking loudly, get into people’s personal space, etc.  So Classical Conversations is also a challenge, as much as she enjoys our CC days, when we’re all gather she interrupts ALL THE TIME!!

For those who are not familiar with classical conversations, CC is a homeschooling community in which families gather one day a week, have some time together and then we divide in groups according to age.  In each group the kids learn about math, geography, grammar, etc. and at the end of the day each kid have some time to make a presentation, a show and tell kind of thing.

Well… Sofi has never prepared a presentation and I wouldn’t dare to let her present something because I have been afraid that she wouldn’t be able to follow thru, I was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to answer questions, in other words I set limits to Sofi… little did I knew what was about to happen…

When presentations begun I took Sofi into a corner in the back to allow the other kids to make their presentations without Sofi interrupting.  When the second kid was finished the teacher asked Sofi if she wanted to make a presentation… well she didn’t answered, she ran, she took off!, she flew to the front and pulled a rabbit out of her hat!

Sofi spoke about her glasses, how she got her eye test, about her “eye doctor”, she answered questions and spoke directly into the eyes of her peers…!! Any mom of a kid with autism knows how hard that is…

So at that moment I just needed time to go faster so I could run to the closest restroom and cry my eyes out! I was excited and I was humbled, I didn’t knew she had it in her and also how did I dare to set limits to my daughter’s abilities?! I got so used to decide things for Sofi that I started deciding what she can and can not do, I forgot that I don’t get to decide her abilities.  People! I forgot that the only one who sets limits is God, meanwhile THE LIMIT DOES NOT EXIST!!!

I’m truly humbled and proud because God is always giving me the most precious lessons thru Sofi, The Potter is working in this poor clay to make a good vase.  Today’s lesson: God has not limits, He can do anything, TO GOD THE LIMIT DOES NOT EXIST.


We’re starting Classical Conversations tomorrow… I’m both stressed and excited.  Is like the first day of school for me too, elementary school was sooo long ago… even College was sooo long ago.