Review for Betty Crocker’s chocolate chip gluten free cookie mix

family000 110 (2)  family000 114family000 115 (2)I’m a newbie in the gluten free world, but not so newbie in the special diet world, so every time I find something that makes my life easier I’m more than happy!

When I saw this box at the store I was so happy, but at the same time I had my doubts about flavor and performance.  Because on top of needing a gf cookie I also need it dairy free and egg free.  So I had to substitute butter with vegetable shortening and eggs for vegan eggs (click here for vegan egg recipe).

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A very crafty Christmas


family000 088 I’m not a blogger with a super big budget, extra time and big pretensions… scratch the last one, to be honest I do have big pretensions, lol.  So, that being said I have a budget to stick to, but I still want Christmas decor I can post on facebook or instagram and feel proud of.  But I have to do it in real life not in Pinterest life. That may be a little bit of extra pressure, but if you were my friend you would know I thrive in pressure 😉

Now, I’m not saying this is the most beautiful decor in the world, but I’m saying that giving the circumstances I came up with a totally different Christmas decor from last year and I think it came up pretty ok.

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The amazing vegan cookie (gluten free & flour free)


This is my to go recipe simply because this is not only an easy recipe, is flour free and is versatile!

Now… this is a well known recipe, but the fact that you can replace peanut butter with sunflower butter and that it works with a vegan egg makes it absolutely amazing for me and my family’s dietary needs.

This cookies are soft and yummy, the kids love them and they disappear instantly.

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The vegan egg

In my house we have egg allergies so we can’t always cook with eggs, and this little recipe has made my life so much easier.  It allows me to grab almost any baking recipe and just substitute the eggs for flax seed eggs.

I have used the baking flax seed egg for pancakes, chocolate cake, strawberry cake, gluten free cakes, banana bread, pumpkin, sunflower and chocolate chip cookies, gluten free muffins, etc. And the cooking flax seed egg for meatloaf, veggieloaf, meatballs and veggieballs.

So if you ran out of eggs, don’t want the cholesterol in your life or have an egg allergy, this is your holy grail!

2 tbsp flax seed

2 tbsp flax seed

add 1/8 tsp baking powder

for baking add 1/8 tsp baking powder


I have used this recipe for recipes that need a maximum of 3 eggs.

add water

+ 3 tbp water


mix and let rest for 10 min

2 tablespoons finely

family000 020

egg’s consistency after 10 min

family000 021

ready to use!

ground flax sees

3 tablespoons hot water

1/8 teaspoon baking powder

Mix the 3 ingredients with a fork and let them rest for 10 minutes.


2 tablespoons finely ground flax seed

3 tablespoons hot water

Mix the 2 ingredients with a fork and let them rest for 10 minutes.


My First Julep Box (for free)


I’ve been eyeing Julep for some months now until the time came…

So, what is Julep? Julep is a beauty brand.

julep subscription box

They specialize in nail color, but have all kinds of beauty products, for hands, feet, face primers, make up, hair, skin care, etc.  Their nail colors do not contain formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, or DBP, and a lot of their make up, hair and skin care products are free of a lot of yucky ingredients too 🙂

Julep has an amazing monthly subscription a “Julep Maven”.

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Let the ipsy’s sneak peek craziness begin!


novsneakpeek1Sneak Peak #1

We knew this could happen! we were prone to get in our glam bag’s any of Michelle Phan’s “em cosmetics” products!

And here we are November’s glam bag, ipsy’s anniversary month and a few days away from getting a bag different from the others, with an extra product, full size and from Michelle Phan! what more can you add to the excitement?!

Let the ipsy’s sneak peek craziness begin!!

novsneakpeek2Sneak Peek # 2

After this morning’s sneak peek “glitch” (Ipsy actually posted this pic with another sneak peek picture link… so we kind of know what’s the next sneak peek), well we know what this are… we can read… lol

Bombshell lip crayon! I’m excited! I’ve never tried anything from Bombshell, well I haven’t tried a lot of cosmetic brands… lol

Can’t wait!


First Review


fall park dayI don’t even want to call this my monthly review, because truth is I’ve been inconsistent with my daughter’s son rise therapy.

A lot of times I have felt awkward, not in the sense of feeling awkward with her, but with my self.  I can’t seem to be creative enough while playing and at times I don’t know what to do… how to build an exciting game or even how to feel excited.  There come times when I feel extremely sleepy inside the playroom.  And times where I have just been sick.

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Ipsy junio, julio y agosto 2013

Cosmetiquera de Ipsy mes de Junio 2013

Cosmetiquera de Ipsy mes de Junio 2013

Cosmetiquera del mes de junio “Wild side”:

  • Delineador labial “starlooks”  $12.00
  • Blush de “nyx” $6.00
  • Delineador en gel para ojos “Cailyn”  $21.00
  • Shampoo para lavar el cabello en seco en forma spray “Pssst” $2.00
  • Sparkling palette (ojos o piel) “JCat” $4.49

Este mes mis favoritos fueron definitivamente el Delineador en gel Cailyn y el delineador labial Starlooks 😀

$10.00 + tax por una bolsa con un valor de $45.49 sin contar el valor de la cosmetiquera 😉

family000 065

Cosmetiquera de Ipsy mes de julio 2013

Cosmetiquera del mes de julio “Beach Beauty”:

  • Balsamo/brillo labial “Pop pouty pop”  $4.16
  • Spray “Big sexy Hair” $9.00
  • Sombras para los ojos California Collection “bh” $2.94
  • Protector solar “Coola” $5.00
  • Exfoliante facial “derma e” $16.25

En julio mis favoritos fueron el Exfoliante facial, las sombras bh y el balsamo/brillo labial pop pouty pop 😀

Fueron $10.00 + tax por una bolsa con un valor de $24.19 sin contar el valor de la cosmetiquera 😉

family000 115

Cosmetiquera de Ipsy mes de agosto 2013

Cosmetiquera del mes de agosto “Glamour Academy”:

  • Mascarilla facial de semillas de calabaza “Michael Todd” $10.00
  • Balsamo labial “Noya” $3.99
  • Sombra mineral para los ojos “Mica” $14.95
  • BB cream (base-humectante-protector solar) “Pacifica” $5.40
  • Mascara para pestanas “Pixie” $8.00

Todos los productos de este mes me gustaron, todos los he usado 😀

Fueron $10.00 + tax por una bolsa con un valor de $42.34 sin contar el valor de la cosmetiquera 😉