Thank you for visiting my blog!

I like to think about me like a “lifestyle blogger” only my life style is not exactly glamorous… My lifestyle is that of a mom exploring the world of autism, food allergies, special diet, beauty, design, etc.

Learning how to thrive during the challenges of life and most of all learning to trust my life and the life of my family in God’s hands.

So, welcome to the ride.  Enjoy!



“They say long distance relationships don’t work…” well that sounded like a boyfriend-girlfriend thing, but it applies in our friendship.  Did I said “our”? Yes! because I’m talking about my friend Jacquie and me, Judy.

Two little girls that went to elementary school together and I don’t think we ever thought that our lives would be so intertwine!!!

After so many years of friendship, we’re always amazed by how many things we have in common.

And with 13 years without seeing each other, we know that our friendship has passed the test of time and now together we start this adventure in which we share our dreams, challenges, similarities and most of all our faith in God.

We ask you to be part of this new episode in our lives… and have fun!!!



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