Dream & Work

I often find my self Arttalking about the same, but what can I do? I need to self-cheer… lol

So, here is the thing, I’m a dreamer, I’m a day dreamer, every moment that I have for my self, every time I drive, every time I shower.  I dream about a whole arrange of things:  What would I do with $10,000.00, how would I look like without 10 pounds, how would I update my house, how would my dream vacation be, and yes I most admit I dream about how life could be without autism, I dream how my daughter character could have been, I dream of the things we could do or how would it be if my daughter recovers, what would she tell me … the list goes on and on… and those are nice dreams, but they’re dreams, nothing else, reality is different.

I’m currently working as hard as I can with my daughter, but sometimes -like I said in another post- I get bored and can’t find energy inside of me, but today I had a breakthrough!! I found this quote on Pinterest:

“I never dreamed for success.  I worked for it”  Estee Lauder.

That thing fell like the lost piece of a puzzle!! Stop dreaming for crying out loud! DO!! that’s how dreams come true!! it is so logical, but we loose sight of the easiest and most logical things when we feel overwhelmed.  So that simple, keep the dream in mind, but not as a dream keep it AS A GOAL!!

So cheers to the dreams that can come true with hard work!!


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