Keeping it Real

drawingI have not posted in months.

I was afraid to post.

I would look at the WordPress bookmark and look away.

I love writing about how inspired I’m with my daughter’s progress, about new special diet recipes, about a new project… and is not like there hasn’t been any progress, or any new recipes, or any new projects; but the challenges have been greater than what I expected, so I panicked and didn’t wrote anything.

My main goal is to be able to inspire others that have a similar challenge than mine, to tell them hey! you can do it! and is not wrong to also think about your self!

But as much as most of the time I feel like I can conquer the world, I also have this sad episodes; I guess we all need/have them -when we’re dealing with a child with special needs- one just feel like crying or just want to be sad… and I guess is ok.

Most of the time I can keep my joy and feel strong enough to endure the challenges, but sometimes like today I just feel like I don’t want to leave my bed, I don’t want to deal with the world.

I wonder how other parents cope?

The funny thing is that in a matter of hours I will feel totally ashamed of this post and would not be able to believe that I actually put my self out there, even if nobody reads this little post, I will feel like the whole world read it… but I think I need to allow my self to keep it real.

So if there’s anyone out there feeling down because your kid had a bad day, cried too much and you couldn’t go out like you planned… know that somebody here feels the same! and try the Elizabeth Taylor thing (that’s been my thing this past months) “Put on some lipstick, and pull your self together”. ET.


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