Review for Betty Crocker’s chocolate chip gluten free cookie mix

family000 110 (2)  family000 114family000 115 (2)I’m a newbie in the gluten free world, but not so newbie in the special diet world, so every time I find something that makes my life easier I’m more than happy!

When I saw this box at the store I was so happy, but at the same time I had my doubts about flavor and performance.  Because on top of needing a gf cookie I also need it dairy free and egg free.  So I had to substitute butter with vegetable shortening and eggs for vegan eggs (click here for vegan egg recipe).

The Mix retails for around $4.50,  includes the chocolate chips and most say that I was pleasantly surprised by the few ingredients in the box 🙂

I followed the instructions for mix and bake exactly as in the box, with the exception of changing the two ingredients (butter and egg) for my substitutes.

The cookies baked great! they tasted like regular old chocolate chip cookies! I also baked a batch of regular flour cookies and my non gf free kids didn’t taste the difference and they loved them!

So my veredict is simple! this is a great versatile mix! you can add and change ingredientes according to your preferences and dietary needs! love it!


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