Update on Sophie and is he our first volunteer?


I’m having the craziest month in history.  First my husband left to work out of state, then he came back injured… that alone was enough, but now the kids have what I guess is a virus, because they have fevers without any other symptoms and are missing school and home school, not to mention that Sophie and I lost the Son-Rise rythim we had… sigh… (I haven’t even had the time to play with my Julep and Ipsy boxes 😦 )

Oh well, is November the month to be thankful and I guess I have to be thankful for the challenges right? RIGHT?

When it comes to “Son-Rising Sophie”:

  • We went cold turkey with computers, pads and battery operated toys.  We just let her watch a couple of hours of tv daily.
  • We have 2 weeks being semi gluten free and casein free.  I say semi, because she asked for Taco Bell this weekend and my weak self couldn’t say no and I think that she ate a sandwich last week too.

I was consistently following my schedule to homeschool and doing Son Rise in the playroom.  But since hubby got back and sick and the kids got this forsaken virus, homeschool and Son Rise went thru the window.

I’m not worried about homeschool, Sophie almost finished her first semester math work with no problem.  But Son-Rise, to Son-Rise that’s what worries me…

And about that… two weeks ago we had this phone call.  A mom referred by a dear friend of us called to ask if we could mentor her son as part of a high school graduation project.  He chose to do a project in which he would write about his experiences with an autistic child and how the common conception of autism is wrong.

I couldn’t be more excited, he has already spent some time with Sophie and he’s doing good!. He is coming 3 hours a week for one month, and although is not the recommended schedule I took it.  I figure I’ll take what I can have….

Sophie & volunteerI don’t know if I can call him a volunteer (I do… lol), but I guess that between having someone else applying Son-Rise principles, being away from the computer, pads, battery operated toys and semi dieting we’ll see some good and I think we already had:

  • Sophie is expressing her self a lot more and very proficiently.
  • She is asking more questions, complex questions and everything is “why?” I think she is isiming with the “why?” but I count it as progress because she never did that before and she always wants a different answer.
  • She is sleeping better.
  • Her attention spam has increased.
  • Is walking by my side without me having to hold her hand and she is not running away!!
  • She is making little comments about things and pointing at facts.

Most of her social model is in stage 3 and 4.  But we are still working in a couple of stage 2  items: greetings and flexibility.  Two big ones for us.

I can’t wait to be over with this sick season and go back to a regular schedule and work, work, work!


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