My First Julep Box (for free)


I’ve been eyeing Julep for some months now until the time came…

So, what is Julep? Julep is a beauty brand.

julep subscription box

They specialize in nail color, but have all kinds of beauty products, for hands, feet, face primers, make up, hair, skin care, etc.  Their nail colors do not contain formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, or DBP, and a lot of their make up, hair and skin care products are free of a lot of yucky ingredients too 🙂

Julep has an amazing monthly subscription a “Julep Maven”.

When you become a “maven” or monthly subscriber you:

  • Take a style quiz to help you pick your nail colors or beauty products (you can change your style profile any time),
  • get a free first box!! (you only pay shipping) use this link: and code: FREEJULEP
  • enjoy 20% off all products plus free shipping in every order (after that first box),
  • every month you can choose boxes from 5 style profiles!  &
  • can skip a month or more if you don’t like anything that month.

The monthly boxes are $20.00! but have at least $40.00 in products and like I said if you’re tight in your budget you can just skip it!

Mavens also have access to the “secret store”, secret sales and mystery boxes!

So being a nail aficionado I couldn’t resist! and this is my first box!

family000 032 family000 033 family000 034 family000 035 family000 038 family000 036

I actually didn’t payed shipping because I chose to get an add-on (an extra nail lacquer).

I loved the little Welcome Maven card!

So, my quiz result was “classic with a twist” and I decided to just go for it.

It included:

  • Luxe Repair Skin Serum: “This rejuvenating serum delivers deep hydration and essential nutrients to help rebuild skin structure from the inside out—for a noticeable difference in the way your skin looks and feels. Designed for all skin types, Luxe Repair can be used as a daily treatment or moisturizer for face, hands, or body.”
  • Myrtle: “Flapper red crème” and
  • Zora:” Frosted pink pearl”

I chose to add Nellie which is a “Pink fuschia crème”, this one comes from the “it girl” style profile, but like I said before, you have freedom with this box!

And lastly my little bonus was this reusable black shopping bag 🙂

I   L O V E  the box, the colors are creamy and totally opaque! With Nelli and Myrtle it took me only one coat to cover my nails! (Zora took me the usual two)

Interested? use this link: and use de code FREEJULEP for your first free box!

"Nellie" with only one coat!

“Nellie” with only one coat!


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