The miracle room


When you arrive to the Autism Center of America, this is the first sign you see:

aplaceformiraclesIt is very inspirational and almost makes you cry! I think everybody walks back to the entrance to snap a pic of the sign 😉 …because this is what we are all looking for…

In a world that has told us that our dreams are impossible, WE -a group of parents- finally found a place of encouragement, fill with people who actually tells us to dream big, that miracles do happen! that the impossible is possible!

So after a week of training, off we went to our homes… to work in our miracle.  And a very important part is the “playroom” or the “miracle room” as I want to call it for now on.

I want to remind my self of this sign every day, so when I’m down I remind my self that for my miracle to happen I need to do the impossible, I need to do what I think I can’t do.

Our miracle room is still in progress, but it’s up and working since 2 weeks ago, here are some pics of our progress:

Craigslist find! super cheap!

Craigslist find! super cheap!

More adjustments

More adjustments

Extra security

Extra security

First phase finish

First phase finish

We still have work to do, shelves to install, we want to make the french doors a “two way mirror”, etc.

I’m so glad hubby was here to install the doors!

I’m also in need of encouragement… so I’ll make some signs to place around the house and remind me that I’m the facilitator and I can be God’s instrument to make His miracle happen 🙂


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