lash bash decor! the tale of two parties!

So I’m just a regular mom with a Pinterest obsession… I definitely follow a bunch of crafty, foodie and stylish piners! so the lash bash was just the opportunity to TRY to recreate the amazing parties we often find there…

So I just made a regular trip to the dollar store and to Hobby Lobby…

I’m proud of my finds, at the dollar store I got mason jars and mini fish bowls! and at Hobby Lobby I found the cutest chevron straws and the plates to match.

But the DIY I’m very proud of is the banner! I just took the Benefit Cosmetic’s magazine that came with the party pack:

  1. cut a bunch of triangles
  2. made two incisions on each triangle
  3. ran a black ribbon thru the incisions
  4. and voila…

I didn’t spent that much $$$ and didn’t made anything difficult, but I’m very proud of how it all came out 😉

family000 003 family000 007family000 011 family000 021

p.d. My pompoms wouldn’t stay put… but at least they made a pic 😉


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