lash bash party! the backstory…

Finally the day arrived! the lash bash party happened!

This is the tale of two parties! One party kit, two lash bash parties, two different states!

It all started with my August Ipsy bag and an invitation to apply to be a lash bash hostess for Benefit Cosmetics and their “They’re Real” mascara.

I didn’t hesitate… I called my good friend Judy and just told her “we need to apply!” and so we did…

It was simple, just needed to fill an application, take a picture or video on Instagram and we could be one of the 1,000 lucky ipster winners who would receive an exclusive kit packed with glam party swag for 10!. So we did… want to see our application? check it out!  Instagram y YouTube
And a few weeks later… we were chosen!!

Days after they made room for 20 more hostess and we tried again, this time for Judy, but this time we weren’t so lucky, but if you want to check our YouTube video click here… it’s fun!

So our plan kept going as we first thought.  We would share the box and have 2 parties in different states!

Finally on September 12, 2013 the box came to my house and we could start planning for real!!

Want to check the unboxing? click here

So… on September 14 I sent half of my box to Judy and on September 16 the box was in her hands!!

It was time to GET READY!!

We agreed to make a simple but fun party with our closest friends and use a little black, white and hot pink decor with some snacks and cake!!


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