Son-Rise Program® vs any other autism therapy


A couple of weeks ago I read a “thesis” about the Son-Rise Program® and TEACCH.  They compare the two therapies in a lot of ways, but a couple of affirmations about the Son-Rise Program® caught my attention:

“family involvement led to more drawbacks that benefits”

“family stress levels did not rise”

The first I definitely don’t agree (I don’t agree with a lot of things in this thesis).  I mean it’s been a few weeks since we started, but I can see the good in the therapy versus the others… which brings me to the second statement: “family stress levels did not rise”…

I can see that…, while my daughter was at school or getting another therapy she was supposed to perform in a certain way and when she didn’t it caused frustration on the therapist, my daughter and me…I used to go to bed thinking:  What can I do to make the therapy work?… to make Sophie’s days easier… until this past weeks…

I try to give her an hour of playroom before sleep time and now I go to sleep thinking what a great girl she really is!

Sure, we still have a method, a goal, but having a meaningful relationship with my child, seeing her react in ways I never thought she would, seeing her putting her “isms” or “stims” away in order to play my game:  Is priceless.

She is engaged with the therapy and it just gives me hope for the future, it eases our days…

Yes the Son-Rise Program® has it’s “sentimental” side (as the “thesis” also points out), but how can you separate your feelings or your faith in God from your children?

We tried some therapies before and I find that this kind of therapy can align with my faith, with my child needs, my parenting and that it’s a logical kind of therapy.

What do you think?

* I’m in no way being paid to write about this, I’m just writing of my experience and opinion.


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