I know that she knows that I know


So today, we had a great “therapy” session with Sophie, we played various games, dance, twirled and at a very special moment while playing memory I was praising her eye contact and she stopped and said:

“Is that why you went to school? to learn how to look at me?”

…I hardly kept my self together and answered “yes Sophie, that’s why I went to school for”… she kept playing and talking, we ended the session and I finally ran to the bathroom and cried…, because she knows… she knows that is not about her eye contact, is about MY eye contact, is about ME looking at HER and loving her as she is… it was as she said “Mommy you’re finally looking at me, you’re finally understanding me, you’re finally here with me”.

I heard of this while attending the Son-Rise Program®, I heard that our kids know… but thru the sessions we had with Sophie since I came back I never experienced it, until today…

Today I know that she knows that I know how to reach her in her world ❤


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