A different blue print


When I was 14 years old I had an aptitude test.

The psychologist who gave me the results told me that I would make a good teacher (me? the girl with no patience???), that I didn’t had any aptitude to become an architect (my dream), that I just wasn’t smart enough :/

For several years I lived with the resentment of her harsh words and the satisfaction of proving her wrong.

But 10 years after getting my Architecture degree and 20 years after I got the psychologist results (please don’t put together the numbers to find out my age) my blue print changed and I got in a plane to become my own child’s teacher…

Several times we don’t understand what God wants in our lives, we don’t recognize His voice and He just let us do as we want, but in the end we do His will, just because He is God and because is what’s good for us.

This is one of the lessons God gave me in this process:  Keep your ears open to God’s voice, ask Him to help understand His instructions.  God cares for every detail in your life.  Nothing is out of His control 🙂


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